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A virtual collection to celebrate 25 volumes of IJSRM 

The International Journal of Social Research Methodology is celebrating its 25th anniversary!!  In that period, we have become a leading methods journal publishing high quality contributions across the methodological field – both qualitative and quantitative, and including mixed, multi-media, comparative and simulation methods. 

To mark the occasion, we have gathered together a series of methods discussions that have been published in the journal, and our publisher, Routledge, is making them freely available as a collection.  

Choosing which articles to include in our anniversary virtual collection was a hard task.  We inevitably had to leave some important and favourite pieces aside.  The collection below includes contributions that we felt represented the range of methodological articles that we publish in IJSRM, a selection of early career prize winning articles, influential pieces and discussions that deserve more attention for their contributions, and individual editors’ personal choices.  

The methodological reach of our anniversary, then, ranges across survey non-response, behavioural experiments, quantitative pedagogy, the Delphi method, the problem-centred expert interview, the self-interview, narrative and computerised text analysis, qualitative methods transformations, anonymisation, triangulation of perspectives, indigenous data sovereignty, post-humanism, and researcher safety. 

We hope that you enjoy our selection. You can access it at:  


Rosalind Edwards, Jason Lamprianou, Jane Pulkingham, Malcolm Williams 

IJSRM Co-Editors 

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